Talonted Productions is a unique digital video production company.  Whether you need a videographer and/or photographer for a corporate event or you need a video editor for your project. We have an experienced AV crew that can serve all of your production needs.                                            

Talonted Productions was founded by James Talont White as a way to produce original content. Talont started out filming and editing music videos and eventually started producing corporate videos for various companies and events. Over the years Talont met many talented AV techs and hired many of them for various projects. Creating a super team of independent techs that have a wide range of skills and abilities.  When you think of Talonted Productions you can think of us as the Avengers of Digital Video Production . Great on our own but amazing as a team.                                                                                 


If you need a single tech to join your team for a project or you need a whole crew to produce, film, direct and edit a feature length film, Talont Exceptionally Dynamic  Productions is just as the name suggests, EXCEPTIONALLY DYNAMIC.

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