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  Brian "Sketch" Cowell began his career in art at a young age. During high school, he attended Fort Hayes Career center to study Commercial Art. He elevated his education at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh where he earned a degree in Industrial Design Technology with an emphasis on Special Effects Makeup and Puppetry. He also gained a working knowledge in prop making, product design and fabrication and animatronics as well as a remedial knowledge in computer effects.

   Armed with those skills, he began his artistic career working as a costume technician at Costume Specialists in Columbus, Ohio creating mascot costume heads, props, foam and fabric patterning with some simple seamster techniques. 

    Following his passion for creature and prosthetic makeup effects Brian took his knowledge and skill in costuming with him to Orlando Fl. where he worked for three years creating, and repairing various costumes and props as well as sculpting, molding, casting, and applying Prosthetic makeup pieces . During his time there, he was responsible for applying makeup effects for daily park operations such as the Shrek and Farquad guest meet and greets, Popeye and Olive Oil, and the Beetlejuice Graveyard Revue. He also took part in seasonal events such as Halloween Horror Nights and Grinchmas, even having the opportunity to apply an "Imhotep" makeup to an actor in front of guests while answering questions about the industry.

    His  Path then led him to the scenic industry where he has worked in several shops around Orlando area servicing the various theme parks, sports stadiums, television events, commercials, and theaters. He continues to work in the scenic industry as a computer modeler and sculpture, expanding his knowledge in computer graphic effects and animation.

    Through his entire career from Highschool to the present Brian has been involved in many Haunted Attractions as well as independent films with writing and makeup credits for "Ritual", "Ritual; Blood Bonds" as well as costume, props, and makeup credits for "Turpin: Terrible Toys", Makeup and Creature effects as well as an acting credit for the "Monstrous Friend"in "The Man in the Mask" short films. He has also done some voice acting as the title character in the children's animation "Harry and Friends" . He has also made special promotional events as "Harry the Red Headed Lizard" in a custom home made mascot character.   

 For seasons 5, 6, and 8 of  the SyFy network original series "Face-off" Brian had applied and was closely considered for the show. Though he never made an appearance on the program, he thoroughly enjoyed the application process giving him the opportunity to create some new original designs resulting in the creation of his favorite character to date, "Vittoro, the Warlock Dragon Master". 

Brian's association with Talont is long standing. Together, they collaborated on several music videos and short and experimental films including "Word Warriors: a Modern Day Ukioe" and the upcoming "XS1" where he had the pleasure to play a character he designed and crafted, the villainous"Toxin".



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