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I am a special effects makeup artist based in the Orlando, FL area that specializes in injury simulation prosthetics and props. I have a diploma from Joe Blasco Makeup School and a bachelors in Biology from University of Central Florida. I have been in the makeup industry for 12+ years, with 9+ years dedicated exclusively to injury simulation. I currently hold the positions of Chief Technology Offer & Artistic Director at an Orlando simulation company, Moulage Sciences and Training ( Through this company, my current clients include all branches of the US military, the Department or Defense, the Center for Disease Control, the Canadian, Chinese, Austrian, French governments (among others), and hospitals and colleges nationwide. I also have an extensive teaching background, teaching introductory to advanced special effects makeup classes around the country.
Services offered
Freelance FX makeup artist services: I have extensive beauty, character, airbrush and (of course) injury simulation experience. I am available for photo shoots, tv, film, and any other makeup needs.
Prop design: I have years of experience with silicones, resins and many other materials. I am well versed in all kinds of prop creation. I of course specialize in body parts and injury/disaster props, but I can create a variety of pieces based on your needs.
Life casting: I have done extensive life casting throughout my career, and can make life casts of a variety of areas. While this may be initially used to make prosthetics or props, I can also make pieces such as pregnancy bellies or remembrance life casts. For pet remembrance pieces, please visit
Sculpting and molding: as most of my prosthetic pieces and props involve some sort of custom sculpting and molding, I can create custom pieces based on your requirements. Once molded, i can cast those pieces in a variety of materials. I am also well versed in large, complex, and multiple part molds and can replicate any item you wish.
Set/Stage/Show design: my brain never stops and the ideas come frequently, so I can help you design a look and feel that suits your vision. While I specialize in horror and medical themes, I can put together anything you need.


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