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"I am Dan Hayes, or just Hayes. I graduated from Valencia College Film Program, under the great Ralph Clemente. After graduating in 2003, I have worked all over the entertainment industry. My first love will always be running a film set as 1st AD. It gives me the chance to be super involved with the director before shooting starts, so I can then handle all the logistics on set while the Director is being creative.

I spent many years in the corporate A/V world, working in endless ballroom and convention halls. I've also worked as a lighting hand mostly, but was pretty proficient in audio and video as well. I ended up leaving the A/V world when I met my wonderful wife, and we had our boys. I wanted to be home with the family and not spend all my time working on the road.

That is when I started working at Busch Gardens Tampa. I have worked endless special events like concerts, HOS, and Christmas Town, as both a technician and a carpenter. It is also the first time I learned how to work a fly rail, and also gave me my first experience flying performers in the air. It is one of the coolest feelings to work with a performer and together nail a perfect flight.

I have worked all over the industry, but the upcoming assignment working with Talont  and Talonted Productions is the most exciting time yet. Can’t wait to meet all of you on the next project. See you soon!!" -Hayes

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